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AVWF is a non profit organization committed to increasing the quality of life for all women.

Aligning with our mission, AVWF's initiatives bring valuable resources to communities in need. AVWF is committed to working with low and moderate income women and their families to help them access the resources needed for self-sufficiency.

A Virtuous Women's Fellowship is committed to empowering and uplifting women as well as the entire community. Since early 2010, AVWF has been delivering new hope and a bright future to women and their families.


AVWF understands that having good mental health plays a large part in a women's overall health.

AVWF offers mental health services to women in need. Services include individual and group sessions with licensed and certified counselors and clinical social workers/therapists.

Kinds of therapy and counseling include issues regarding the following but not limited:

domestic violence/abuse, mental disorders (especially in the area of depression and PTSD) anxiety, eating disorders and addictive behaviors, substance and alcohol abuse, mood changes due to menstrual cycle and menopause.


AVWF knows the importance of sharing with others. As women, it is necessary to collectively gather together to share experiences and knowledge with others.

AVWF offers several different forums, classes, workshops and sessions for learning, obtaining information, spiritual growth, fellowship, relaxation, and even fun.

Some past and prospective themes/topics/activities include:

Relationships (Marriage and Single Life), Mental Health, Beauty, Fashion, Entrepreneurship, Health and Fitness (Aerobics), Parenting and Financial Management.

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